Technology Innovations

VIPSha-Engaged into Technology Innovations

VIPSha developed amazing Application which is hard to believe but indeed we did. VIPSha helped NASDAQ listed company for their GPS based Product. Product does lot of things and one of the many cool things is that if one will miss lease payment, car won't start. Yes, Car just won't start. There are lot of other things product does like defining Fence so if vehicle goes out of range, message will come, etc.

VIPSha helps another company to develop a prototype where freezers are going to tell when they are going to die ( One of the Doctor was asking that do you have any product which is going to tell when humans are going to die and unfortunately, we don't have it VIPSha Technology Innovations director blog). Company provides freezers to large stores and when freezers dies, store managers complains for their loss like-food items as well as for down time. Our tailor made product, will let server know when freezer is going to down-well in advance-so company can fix it just before Freezers stop working. Amazing product from an amazing company - VIPSha.

VIPSha develops many state of the art mobile Apps like if someone enters wrong password to unlock your screen, email comes with picture and location of the phone. Hard to believe, Right? Yes, when someone enters wrong password, phone will take picture & location and sends on your email and also, App will send url with GPS location on your phone.

Another great Free App - Remote Screen Lock / Unlock - An incredible app to Lock / Unlock your phone screen just by sending SMS. When you are not finding your phone, just send SMS from other phone with a specific word and you are done-your phone screen will be locked.

Now when you realized that your phone is with your loved ones and they want to use it, you can give "Password to unlock screen" and if you don't want to give password, not a Problem. We have solution for you. Just send another SMS with a specific word and Phone screen will be unlocked. Sounds Amazing, Right! Yes, this is an amazing app to protect your phone and it's absolutely FREE. Of course, it's very easy to use too. Unlike other Apps, This App does not store your App settings on a remote server. It saves the lock code in the phone only and it's password protected. Check it out right now - Click Here

There's another great App - Text Tracker / SMS Tracker. The Icon is hidden so no one can see an App in Manage Application list. Great App with Great Idea. Check it out right now -Click Here

These are the few examples of VIPSha's Innovations. VIPSha is working on a Credit Card Security where Credit Card Information will be stored in your phone and your phone will authenticate all your on-line payment. If you loose your phone, not a problem. Just go on-line and lock your account and you are done. No one will be able to make any payment. These things are done on-line and will take only few mins or even less than that.