Custom Software Development

We resolve the issues before it becomes issues.

VIPSha engaged into Custom Software Development, .Net Development, iOS Development, PHP Development, SQL Server Development services since years and helped many customers. Our years of experience will help you to understand your system quickly and easily. Remember one thing - Garbage In, Garbage Out. We will design your system in such a way so it won't allow Garbage In so you don't need to worry for Garbage Out. We have worked from small Database to huge Database size and we will guide you the best to control your DB Size.

We are having great expertise on innovations. Innovations in all most all the industry changing day to day life of people all over the world. Due to InterNet, people have unlimited access of information any day / any time and social media and smart phone has changed business dynamics in a big way. To have successful business venture, one has to stay on top of innovations and VIPSha is helping their customers building new ideas & new technologies. We work on .Net Development, Mobile Development - Android / iOS and other related areas.

We are working with one of California's oldest & most experienced dental and oral health maintenance organizations having over 4,000 doctors, assistants, managers & staff to collect millions of dollar payment on-line. Dental Company is using our payment collection solutions since last few years and collected millions of dollar payment so far. We also developed very simple to use interface with existing Magic Applications. Magic is the programming language which can be used to develop business applications. It will help for rapid application development / data manipulation. You can create an application just in a few days, but like any other programming language, it has many drawbacks too. VIPSha develop a solution to transfer all the payment information from .NET Application to Magic Application.

We develop many other state of the Art Solutions using our own developed techniques. We are known not only for very rapid development, but QA too. We test our development in detail and in a very systematic manner. Remember, when millions of dollar payment is involved, even a small mistake can become a huge issue.