VIPSha - Your IT Partner - delivers high performance through hybrid model - on site management and offshore development. This is a very easy model to understand but very very effective model for business to execute outsourcing projects successfully. VIPSha, experts in Outsource Web Development, executed many many projects successfully. VIPSha's Offshore Web Development divisions provides web solutions, consulting web development and also allows companies to hire website designer. Based on requirements, VIPSha's team member will visit client, understand their requirement, decide an architecture, put it together with the help of offsite team, present 'to be system' to top management and once all are on the same page, outsource team will take it from there. Just for a successful project execution, offshore project manager and client's project manager will be in touch all the time to understand project's progress and test it regularly to resolve issues before it becomes issues.

Merits of Outsourcing / Offshore Projects:

In a today's world, the globalization of the IT industry is inevitable. Most big IT companies prefer to do much of their business overseas to reduce cost substantially. Lower wages and high-speed communication in countries like India, is a huge incentive to have part of their operations.

It's very important to have a right IT partner for outsourcing to avoid many common issues like risk of losing confidential data, cost overrun, delays, quality of end product, etc. Lack of Strategic Project Planning results in unresolved issues that delay the schedule and other issues. VIPSha's unique project management techniques, helps client to get what they want and that too within time and budget. VIPSha delivers same quality or better quality just like big companies. The only difference is cost. Working with VIPSha will save you lot of money. Our experience, capabilities and rapid execution strategy make us an expert in application outsourcing. We are small but our customers are not. We have executed many big projects successfully for a multi million dollar companies.

VIPSha Provides :