Partner up with VIPSha and start making money.

It’s very easy to Partner with VIPSha to start your own business and become your own boss.

VIPSha engaged in Web solutions, offshore software development and Mobile Apps.

Are you in Sales of IT services or do you know how to sell IT Services?

If yes, you can become our partner. You keep on doing what you are doing and whenever there’s any opportunity to work together, you can pass it over to us and based on agreed %, we will share Revenue. We said revenue and not profit. We want to make it too simple to understand. So, let’s say that we agreed 10%, so we will deposit 10% payment directly into your bank account or if you want, you can collect from client and pay 90% to us. Whatever works for you.

No Advance. No Gimmick. Client Pay only if they are satisfied.

In case, if client doesn't like and don't pay -- no issues. You won’t held responsible at all. We will write off all outstanding. Client pays only if they like it. It's that simple.

Also, you can pass any referral business to us and we can pay you commission based on Project Size upfront.

So, let’s start working. Come with new opportunity and we will make it work so you will start making good money.

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